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Marketing momentum requires consistent work over the long term and this is best handled by the creation of a marketing calendar. The annual marketing calendar is a great planning device for campaigns and product launches, but it’s also a great tool to schedule out the many projects that you know must be done on time.

-Dr. Noble Nwigwe – (Schedule Instant Appointment)

Small medical practices depend on effective business management to stay afloat. This has not always been the case. More than ever before, medical practices can now afford to hire the services of management experts they need to move their practice in the right direction.

We can help establish the structure that your practice badly needs, and transform your staff into a self-managed formidable productive workforce.
Don’t hesitate. Start today to set things straight in your practice. We’re hands-on consultants. We put in motion what others preach about. And that’s a veritable distinction between us and other consultants. Wouldn’t you Agree?

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Performing project management duties including the creation of status reports, work plans and project presentations to clients’ leadership.

Mareli Richards

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Collaboration with technology and business departments to define deliverables and develop reusable solutions across the organization.

Darian Weeks

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

I develop the technical documents we use to justify the chosen architecture and proposed implementation of a given project.

Natalie Mcclain

Best-in-Class 3 Years Running

I help practice owners deliver amazing growth for their medical and dental practices by optimizing their processes and systems.

Robbin Rivers

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

A good workflow should give you accurate insights on areas your business leak performance.

Ronny Longwell

Best-in-Class 6 Years Running

Like “ants in a colony” every employee should know exactly what their duties and tasks are.

Magnolia Collis

Best-in-Class 3 Years Running

Effective employee training leads to overall improvement of your practice.

Alondra Downs

Best-in-Class 6 Years Running

Work with me to reduce your no-shows, and aggressively improve the overall metrics.

Timothy Ringdahl

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Amanda Swensson

Customer Service Director

Jeremy Dupont

Clients Acquisitions Manager

Bryan Johnson

Director of Strategy

Dr. Noble Nwigwe

Director of Operations


Our vision is to build a company that leaves organizations in better conditions than we first met them.

…and getting them to outperform consistently.

Process Optimization

Let’s tweak your patient process to minimize cost and maximize throughput and overall efficiency of your practice.

Make Your Practice More Profitable

Let’s work with your team to achieve significant revenue lift for your practice. Transform your practice into a reliable income-generating business.

Management Consulting Services

Reduce administrative costs by optimizing business processes and operating models to gain efficiencies.

Workforce Performance Improvement

Discover the hidden gems in your practice. Turn your entire staff into a self-managed productive workforce.

Medical Billing Services

Increase reimbursements and stop worrying about collections. Quickly recoup outstanding claims—usually in just 30 days!

Web Design, SSL Certificates, Domain Registration, etc.

Reliable website hosting, email, and affordable domain prices. Register your domain with us and receive everything you need to get safely online.

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